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  • 4-5pm Elementary Tap

    5.05-6.05pm Grade 1 Ballet

    6.10-7.40pm Performers

    7.50pm-8.50pm Blue Riband Ballet

    4-4.30pm Silver Ballroom

    4.35-5.35pm Grade 4 Tap

    5.40-6.10pm Gold Ballroom

    6.15-7.00pm Pre Bronze Freestyle

    7.05-8.05pm Level 1 Drama

    8.10-9.10pm British Medallion Tap


6.30-7.15pm Adult Beginner Tap

7.20-8.05pm Adult Callanetics

8.10-9pm Adult Beginner Ballet


4-5pm Baby Ballet and Tap

5.05-5.50pm Primary Ballet

5.55-6.55pm Silver Tap

7.00-8.00pm Silver Modern

8.05-9.05pm British Medallion Ballet

4-4.30pm Primary Stage

4.35-5.05pm Primary Tap

5.10-5.40pm Level 1 Street

5.45-6.15pm Bronze Ballroom

6.20-7.20pm Grade 4 Stage

7.25-8.25pm Drama (Gala)

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